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Jermiko Thomas is a passionate Entrepreneur, Tedx Speaker, National and International Award-Winning Author. Growing up, he didn’t start talking until he was six years old also learned sign language. While doctors deemed him to be mentally slow, he still persevered and ended up testing out of the resource program in his junior year of high school.

Harnessing the innate power of knowledge and reading any book he could get his hands on, his life underwent a complete transformation, and he ultimately made it his purpose to help people dismantle those no outlet signs once and for all.

Additionally, to empowering people, Jermiko has an associates & bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of the People, where he is currently attending graduate school. Recently, he authored rhyming children’s books entitled “The Fearless Boy Inventor”, “An Adventure With STEM”, “Walter & Lily Autism/Unexpected Friendship”, “The Bully-Free Brigade”, and “Celebrating Life with Friends” which is part of a 5 book rhyming series entitled “Adventures of Walter”,


National Award 2017

Book 1: The Fearless Boy Inventor

International Award

Book 2: An Adventure With STEM

International Award

Book 4: The Bully-Free Brigade

"Its never too late to focus on your dreams"

Jermiko Thomas

Need a Speaker for Your Upcoming Event?

Having presented at Tedx, Jermiko is an excellent motivational speaker on a variety of platforms, inspiring children and educating adults about life and literacy. Regardless of the audience, Jermiko can entertain and impact them.

  • Elementary Schools
  • Libraries
  • Middle Schools
  • High Schools
  • Colleges
  • Cooperate Presentations 
  • Keynote and Panel Discussions
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